When does a garage door need Garage Door Repair NY Services?


Levi Gashuri

Jun 18, 2015


A technician with experience regarding garage door repair within NY has probably already handled all types of issues that the garage door might develop. However, people residing in property with garages fitted with garage doors often have a problem determining when to seek the help of experts. Fortunately, if you’re in this category, then the information contained herein will prove very helpful and assist you determine when to hire such services. What issues should you look out for?


Issues With NYC Garage Repair Services

Failure of the Transmitter Batteries

It’s interesting that many homeowners do not realize that most garage doors in NY cannot function without the transmitters. The situation becomes worse when the transmitter batteries fail to function. All transmitters, including those on garage doors, need the power to operate well. If the transmitter develops any problem, it would be unwise to continue operating the garage door before consulting the appropriate technician.

Unaligned Photo Eye

It would be good to hire an expert in garage door repair New York if the photo eyes, which are located on either side of the doors, fail to function. The photo eyes do not work as they ought to when the photo eyes are unable to align properly. The inability of the photo eyes to align properly is often a result of damage to the invisible beam that is right between the two eyes. For that reason, it is advisable to hire a technician to realign or repair the damaged photo eyes.

An Out-of-Alignment Track

Never take an out-of-alignment track lightly. If the garage doors are to function properly, the proper alignment of the track would be imperative. The alignment should be a matter of great priority during the garage door installation NY. Check with the technician during installation to ascertain that the alignment of the track has taken place as it should. The rollers and rails should not have any gap between them. The rails should not possess any bends as well.

Random Closing and Opening of the Garage Door

A garage door that closes and opens randomly can be a cause of great disturbance. The transmitters could be the cause of such a problem. For such a problem, the transmitter’s frequency would also require proper testing. This is because a neighbor with the same transmitter frequency as yours could be inadvertently open or close your garage door when doing the same for his doors.

Other garage door problems that would necessitate hiring a technician to resolve the following:

  • Partial closing of the garage doors before opening once again
  • Garage doors that cannot go up
  • A garage door that goes all the way down before opening again
  • Door’s inability to move yet, the automatic opener functions properly
  • An automatic opener that runs briefly before turning off yet is unable to cause the door to open
  • A garage door that closes quickly and with a bang

Therefore, if your garage door develops any of these problems, do not hesitate to contact a technician to examine and repair it. However, with regular maintenance you can prevent such problems from occurring since the technician would identify the malfunctions and recommend solutions much faster.

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