Top Reasons You Need Help Fixing Your Garage Today


Levi Gashuri

Apr 29, 2015


Garage Door Repairs: Reasons To Call a Tech 

Garage doors are an important part of any home that has a garage, thus ensuring that it’s working properly is very crucial. A poorly functioning garage door isn’t only inconvenient but also poses a security risk.


There are several things you can do by yourself if your garage door isn’t working properly. You could check the metal tracks for damages or misalignment. If the alignment is a bit off or the track is bent, you could try to straighten it or loosen/tighten some bolts and screws.


Dirt and old hardened lubricant also cause garage door trouble thus cleaning the tracks could be the solution. Once cleaned, dry the tracks and apply fresh lubricant on it and on the rollers.

If these simple steps don’t fix the problem, call in the professionals. Some homeowners may want to carry out further repair work by themselves, but there are greater risks involved in such an undertaking by an inexperienced person.


Reasons To Not Fix Your Garage Door By Yourself

A common cause for a garage door not working is a broken torsion spring(s). Attempting to fix this problem is rather dangerous. The replacement spring must be installed and tightened just right. There are dangers of injury due to the spring snapping or not being able to handle the weight of the door itself while replacing the springs.

Aside from the risks, it may be difficult for the inexperienced home owner to get a replacement torsion spring(s) not to mention the longer time, you may need to put in due to lack of experience and proper tools.


Getting A Professional

An experienced professional will help you fix your garage door faster and better with less risk. Call some garage door repair companies and get estimates on how much it’ll cost you and note that most companies will charge you for providing estimates. A professional will come down to your house and diagnose the problem and if it’s small, he/she will fix it there and then. There are several companies that offer this service in long island and the wider New York area such as Above and Beyond garage doors, Precision Door Service and Long Island Garage Doors.

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