Tips for Identifying the Best Company for Garage Door Repair Long Island


Levi Gashuri

Jun 15, 2015


The numbers of complaints from customers regarding the companies they hire to perform garage door repair Long Island has been on an upward trajectory for quite some time. The complaints normally revolve around steep prices, technicians performing repairs they were not asked to do, technicians doing shoddy work and a variety of dubious practices. Therefore, to choose the best Long Island garage door technician or company, it’s prudent to follow these guidelines.


Tips for choosing a garage repair company in Long Island

  • Obtaining bids from several companies

When in a rush, it’s possible to hire a firm to repair your garage doors in Long Island for between $500 and $1,000 when the reality is that you could have paid not more than $150. Obtaining bids from various companies remains the best way through which to avoid falling into the hands of scammers. Once the technician arrives, let him know that you’ll not agree to any additional repair and that he should stick to the agreement.

  • Being wary of repair specialists

Without proper research, it’s possible to end up with an unethical Long Island garage door company that claims to offer the best services. When you’re desperately in need of a quick fix and unwilling to get more bids, you’ll be scammed. When you have no idea about the real cost of garage door parts Long Island, be ready to be scammed. Insist on necessary repairs and dissuade the technician from bogus repairs, even if he claims to be a repair specialist.

  • Ascertaining the technician’s BBB Review

Best Business Bureau is readily available to anyone who desires to learn more about the ratings of the technician he would like to hire for garage doors installation Long Island. However, even when the rating is an impressive A+, do some due diligence about the technician. Several unethical technicians enjoy impressive BBB ratings simply because they’ve learned how to resolve any complaint posted on Best Business Bureau quickly.

  • Being wary of excessive advertising

Do not believe that a company enjoying top-of-the-page ranking on Google is reputable. A company that engages in heavy advertising could be highly disreputable. Businesses that engage in rip-offs often invest in heavy advertising. A company that engages in plenty of advertising will want to recoup its investment, and the best way of doing this is by charging more for even the most basic of garage door parts in Long Island or even garage door openers found within Long Island.

  • Watching out for name change and address

It’s not unusual for some unethical companies that purport to provide the best services regarding Long Island garage door repair to have a different name on its Google Ad from what appears on its website. Make use of BBB once again to check on the company’s alternate business names. If you suspect that the company is a bit shady, do not hesitate to get in touch with a different technician and ask for repairs, parts or other related services.

  • Taking keen interest in the company’s Customer Service

A reputable company engages in excellent customer service. If the company’s representatives answer phone calls generically with phrases such as “door services” or “garage doors”, take this as indicative of its unreliability and disreputable nature. Be careful to choose a technician or company that offers services regarding garage door repair in Long Island NY from its registered and official storefront to avoid being scammed.

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