How Westchester County Garage Repairs Secure Garage Doors


Levi Gashuri

Nov 25, 2015



First, it’s crucial for you to remember that the garage door is a door, and not a wall. For that reason, if Westchester County garage repairs will require replacing the locks, prepare a budget that includes new but more effective locks. The need for regular maintenance does not disappear simply because you have paid for some costly repairs on Westchester County garage doors. Do not forget that corrosion is a real possibility regarding the garage doors, which have several moving affects that are prone to wear and tear with repeated use.

Some homeowners prefer leaving the garage door opener inside their cars or visors. This would not augur well despite the many changes that garage repairs on Westchester County property brought. The preferable approach is to attach the openers on your key ring and ensuring that it’s with you at all times. The automatic door release also needs proper securing, which would prove beneficial in case of an emergency. Make it impossible for an intruder to find the door release. Ask a technician doing garage repairs in Westchester County to make this change.

We Make Sure All Garage Doors in Westchester, NY Are Secured

If the recent Westchester County garage repairs necessitated installation of a new opener, do not forget to reset the factory settings immediately thereafter. Professional burglars have made it a point to know the factory settings and if you leave the ones on the garage door as they’re, these criminals will do as much damage as they can, thus inflicting you with more losses. Similarly, ask the technician to install a monitor that can sense the moment the garage door has remained open for too long and close it.

These are just but a few of the measures that you should take or ask from the technician when he comes for the next session of maintenance or as part of the annual garage repairs in Westchester County on your property.

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