How The Weather Impacts Your Need For A Strong Door

Suffolk County Garage Doors – Storm Strength Doors

Your home will need to stand up to extreme winds despite your location in Suffolk County. Storm damage experts in the United States always say that your garage doors are your house’s first line of defense against extreme and / or high winds. For example, during Hurricanes, homes with an attached garage can be blown apart if they’ve weak or flimsy garage doors. This means that Suffolk County garage doors have to be storm resistant if the homeowner is to be safe during storms. Older versions of garage doors have a tendency to blast in first due to heavy pressure from the storm. As a result, pressure builds up in the home. The force can then blow the roof off causing damage to your home and destroying your investment or causing injuries.


The Solution
The good news is that since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, all major garage door manufacturers Suffolk County have been producing and designing garage doors that exceed or meet the most stringent building codes. With this in mind, there are Suffolk County garage doors that have been installed in a way that they can withstand hurricane-force winds of more than 100 mph or more.

Basically, they’re heavy-duty, new garage doors in Suffolk County designed for withstanding storms. The doors have fabulous hardware, finishes and styles with some matching the style and design of your home. New garage doors in Suffolk County, New York have been made in a way that makes it easy to makeover your house. The end result is a home that stands apart from all the houses in your residential area and more importantly, safe from storms. It’s considered as money that has been spent well. The main reason is that storm strengthened garage doors can pay for themselves by increasing the overall value of your home.

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