Garage Repair Cost


Levi Gashuri

Nov 16, 2016


garage repair cost
garage repair cost

While DIY maintenance is enough for minimal problems in your garage door, the support of a reliable garage door repair company becomes vital once the issue becomes too complex for you to deal with. Giant Garage Doors is dedicated to providing our clients with excellent garage door repair services at a competitive cost. Our experienced technicians will fix your garage door fast. If you are worried about the garage repair cost, don’t be because we provide our service at reasonable rates. We also offer brand name products from the largest garage door manufacturers. Our garage door repair technicians can fix door openers, cables, springs, door panels and tracks.

Remember that garage doors are one of the main entryways into your property, so it’s important that they are in good working condition. If your current garage door is not working properly, you should get a professional to check it and fix it immediately. In case the damage is too great and your garage door can no longer be fixed, don’t worry because we can install a new one for you. For your garage door repair needs, just call us at 1-855-558-2746 and expect one of your representatives to entertain you right away!

How Much Does a Common Garage Repair Cost?

You may be tempted to fix your garage door on your own to save money, but it is not exactly the best idea if you don’t have any idea about what to do or you don’t have the right tools for the job. Arranging routine inspections with a garage door specialist can help you see if your garage door is damaged or there are some parts that need to be replaced.

A usual service call usually includes an inspection of the opener and the door. Adjustments on the chain and belt tension, spring tension, force and limits can then be made. The door may be lubricated as well.  Garage repair cost differs depending on the extent of damage and other factors. Regardless of the damage to your door, you are assured that our technicians will come and fix it right away for you!

Door won’t move

Your garage door may not close or open due to various reasons. If your garage door has sensors, any obstruction could prevent the door from operating properly. You need to check the door and ensure that there’s nothing obstructing the sensors. If there’s no obstruction, it’s possible that the problem is with the garage door opener. If you can see a light on the opener, just press the button and wait if the light brightens. If it doesn’t, the battery inside the door opener may need to be replaced.

A door that won’t move may also be caused by a wheel track obstruction. Check the tracks for possible damage such as bends. If the door is hanging haphazardly or the tracks are damaged, you should call us to fix it for you.

Noisy garage door

When your garage door makes grinding, squealing or screeching sounds, it’s usually a sign of an accumulation of debris or dirt in the tracks or lack of lubricant. Cleaning the tracks and coating it with lubricant can help. If your garage door still makes loud sounds when you use it, you can call us to fix it right away.

Uneven garage door movement

garage repair cost
garage repair cost

Various reasons can cause the uneven movement of your garage door. If there’s no obstruction, it might be caused by an issue with the spring mechanism. Since there is a lot of tension on the torsion springs, it is best to call us to fix the problem. If the door tracks are warped or bent, the door may not move or move unevenly. The degree of damage will determine whether the door needs to be replaced or not.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, just call us at 1-855-558-2746 and we will give you an estimate of the repair cost.

Garage Repair Cost by Material

The type of material may affect the garage door repair cost. Using the right material for the climate of the area where you are residing can help you reduce your repair costs. Wood garage doors are durable. If you’re living a humid climate, the door will be prone to splitting and rotting. The cost of fixing wood garage doors depends on the type of wood used.

Aluminum doors are resistant to rust and ideal in coastal and humid areas. Steel doors are great for those living in typhoon or hurricane prone areas. Such doors, however, are prone to rust damage. Fiberglass doors are ideal for areas that experience extreme temperatures. These doors can withstand extreme cold or heat and are unaffected by splitting. Regardless of the material your garage door is made of, you are assured that the technicians here at Giant Garage Doors can fix it at a price you can afford.

Will the Style of Your Door Affect the Repair Costs?

Garage doors are available in various styles and the style of your door affects the repair cost. Sectional doors are the most common style. These doors don’t take up a lot space and can be controlled using a standard remote opener for a reasonable cost. Traditional one panel doors have one huge panel that tilts to open. These doors, however, need a huge amount of clearance to work properly.

Carriage doors have a rustic look. These doors swing open and hang from supports on hinges. Carriage doors also require plenty of clearance to operate properly. If you have a custom roll-up garage door and it needs to be fixed, don’t hesitate to call us. Trust our garage door repair technicians to fix any kind of door without affecting your schedule. Expect them to finish the job fast! Regardless of the style of your garage door, you can expect us to restore your garage door to its original state.

Why Choose Giant Garage Doors?

You need to keep your garage door in good working condition for your convenience, safety and security. If your door doesn’t budge at all, makes loud noises or moves unevenly, all you need to do is to call Giant Garage Doors and we will come to you right away. Expect to get the following from us:

  • Team of certified and highly experienced garage door technicians
  • High quality garage door repair service and parts
  • Low prices

We offer quick and reliable garage door repair services in Staten Island, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens as well as Orange County, Westchester, Nassau County, Rockland County and Suffolk County. For your garage door repair needs, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-855-558-2746! We are always happy to help.


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