Garage Door Repair – Identifying a Problematic Automatic Garage Door Opener


Levi Gashuri

Aug 19, 2015


How the automatic garage door opener functions can determine whether you need to look for a technician for garage door repair or not. For the most part, homeowners cannot tell whether the problem affecting their garage doors is because of malfunctioning automatic garage door opener or not. How can you tell whether the opener is the cause of the problem on the garage door?

  1. Opener runs but the door cannot move

Power might make it impossible for you to open or close the garage door. In such an instance, the disconnect switch would prove helpful. You need to watch the opener carefully as it can run without much problem, only for the door to fail to respond to the command to either open or close, depending on what you want. If this happens, hire a technician for garage door repair.

  1. Opener runs momentarily before turning off but the door cannot move

At times, the opener might run for only a few seconds before turning off. Despite this, the garage door might be unable to open or close appropriately. If this happens, you have to perform garage door repair quickly to fix the problem. To remedy the problem, you have to check the springs as well as the track for the presence of obstacles.

The automatic garage door opener might fail to work purely out of an accident that happened without your knowledge. If you’re unable to offer DIY services and fix the problem, it would be good to hire a professional technician to fix the door before the issues becomes worse. Fixing the problem also depends on whether the door has or lacks an in-built lock system.


Therefore, if you notice that the automatic opener is not working, as it should, look for solutions to fix the problem fast. Do not allow the problem to foster as it could give rise to other technical issues that damage the effectiveness of the garage door. If this problem continues unabated, you might have to pay more for the garage door repair.

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