Find A Legitimate Home Contractor in Rockland County NY


Levi Gashuri

May 25, 2015


Living in Rockland County, there are a ton of options and a ton of companies who offer services to fix your home. Whether it be a roofing job, or fixing a garage door… There’s a ton of services. Some of them are high quality, others, not so much. But we’re going to walk you through how you can start finding legitimate businesses if you live in this village, or any surrounding cities such as Westchester, Nyack, Haverstraw, Clarkstown, or near the Tappan Zee bridge. Let’s use home garage repair in Rockland County as an example.

How to find a garage repair company in Rockland County

First, we would recommend going to this site:

They basically conduct a census on a very frequent basis, collecting data on which companies in this city, and in New York State are still operating. They pretty much look at all garage repair companies on the north west side of the Hudson River. They have a column to show you the percent of the companies that are active or inactive, however, you’ll see that the overwhelming majority are active.

So I think they should edit our that information. But the data population is filled with a ton of legitimate companies that are most likely certified by the better business bureau. These are all American companies that operate in a town nearby to you, and make income in the same counties to which you are paying taxes.

The history of these companies definitely does vary, but statistically, it is likely the NY based businesses they recommend on this site are very legitimate. There is a slew of housing improvement statistics they have retrieved with the tabled info they display here. If at any point you live in this area, near Rockland County village, I would highly recommend you check out this website before paying some random company to repair your garage door in any capacity. Whether it be a simple screw replacement, or a full garage door installation. Definitely give some companies on this list a call.

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