There are many parts and components in a garage door opener, many brands having over 200 total parts. You can see why there are garage door technicians that specialize in this type of work. The fact is, you need someone who knows what they’re doing in order to do it right.


We specialize in garage door opener troubleshooting, and our technicians have seen it all through the years. If you’re looking for a new opener, we carry the best brands. We select the brands that are most trusted in the industry. If you’re looking for a respectable garage door company to make sure it’s adjusted just right, be sure to give us a call.


We offer a wide variety of door types and configurations. We have been doing commercial garage door installations in the New York area for many years. We offer a wide variety of door types and configurations. Whether you’re looking for a replacement, new installation, or a general repair, we will help you fix the issue. One thing to remember is our program is better than others.

We provide the preventative maintenance on our installs and repairs to make sure they’re done correctly. We make sure the high friction points are lubricated properly. Trust Giant Garage Doors to do the job done right. Work with the best. Proven track-record. Proven results..

Garage doors are built from 100 moving and standing pieces that help the door roll up and down. With that many parts, there could be a host of issues that went wrong with your door. If your garage door is stuck or came off the track, if you have a broken spring, broken cable % safety cables, broken pulley, broken bracket or broken hinges.

If you have a problem with your door opener, problem with your remote, key pad or sensors. If you need to replace your weather strip & weather insulation moldings. We also do cable replacement, panel replacement, and spring replacement. Call us now for fast and professional repair service.



The two types of garage door springs are Extension and Torsion springs. The springs do most of the lifting when it comes to your garage door. There are large amounts of stress put on these springs, and eventually they’ll break down. If it’s not lifting properly, chances are you need a new spring. Here are some simple tips to see if your garage door springs are broken.

If you heard a loud bang went off when opening the door recently, if the door is only opening a couple of inches – then stops, if you haven’t replaced the garage springs in the past 5 years or so, or lastly, if it’s visibly broken – there’s separation or gap in the spring itself.