DIY Garage Door Building & Repair in New York

I must acknowledge that I did have a couple of anxieties after I determined to undertake the job of replacing my garage door springs by myself – I am a fantastic DIYer, and constantly try and do the more clear-cut occupations myself if I can; pipes, electric wiring, carpentry – you understand the kind of thing. But there are dangers related to fitting the strong torsion springs needed with the heavy door which I was just a little worried about.

One in particular looked in a way that was really awful and I desired to prevent the situation which happened with a neighbor recently when among his garage door springs really fractured.

Replacing torsion springs can be inconvenient and dangerous should youn’t take the time to prepare yourself correctly. That is where DIY Garage Repair were especially helpful; they made sure that I was buying the right replacement springs for my specific set up, that I ‘d a clear set of directions on how you can perform the job and that I was not unaware of the dangers involved and how exactly to minimize them.

The entire process was carried through in a couple hours – I had a slight difficulty getting the cord anchored correctly in the cable drum; a right angled curve with the pliers solved this in a couple of minutes.

Many thanks for reading!… My name is Isaac Shamailov, I would like to thank you for reading every other post I’ve posted here and this post. We do garage door repair across the metropolitan area and install components for homeowners and commercial buildings direct. Generally Do it Yourselfers that actually enjoy save money carrying it out and above all, to do things themselves. I encourage one to give us a call if you want your garage today fixed.

New Garage Door Installation Rockland County NY

At times, you might spend a fortune on Rockland County garage repairs only to discover that they don’t seem to be producing the desired results. If the repairs do not fix the problems that keep rising up on the old garage doors, it could be time to consider replacements. The good news with replacements is that they add more to the value of your home than you could ever imagine. Other benefits of replacing old, creaky doors include the following:

  1. Reduction of Utilities

Old, creaky garage doors are rarely properly insulated. With poor insulation, the utilities keep increasing. The money you spend on utilities and repairs for Rockland County garages would be huge in such a situation. The replacement doors will soon pay for itself by reducing the money spent on utilities by improving insulation.

  1. Provides Safe Storage when weather is horrible

It’s common to use the garage as extra storage space. The use of the garage to store equipment and tools required to keep other parts of the property in excellent condition is a common occurrence. However, old doors expose such expensive equipment and tools to great damage when the weather is bad. Rockland County garage repairs would not achieve much.

  1. Reduces Maintenance

Old, creaky garage doors tend to increase the budget set aside for maintenance and repairs for Rockland County garages. Replacing the old, creaky doors with new ones would reduce maintenance. Similarly, the new doors would help you to cut the money you spend on repairing garages in Rockland County substantially. This would mean more money in your pocket.

  1. Reduces Homeowner’s Insurance

If your garage had an old wooden door, it probably meant paying more in homeowner’s insurance. Replacing such a door with a new steel door would be the best way of reducing the premiums you pay on homeowner’s insurance by as much as 10 percent. This would mean more money in your pocket through a reduction of budget for repairs on Rockland County garage.

A Look At Various Types of Garages For Your Long Island Home

If you live in Long Island, in either Nassau County or Suffolk County, you already know that it’s very expensive. The taxes are rising every year, year over year, and incomes are probably not adjusting quite as quickly. However, what you do have is your home equity. And anything you can do to increase the value of that equity helps.

Any kind of home improvement project makes the home that much more appealing to the next buyer / owner. So today we are going to look at the many different kinds of garages and garage door set ups you can have to help your home differentiate.

Best Ideas For New Garage Installation

1 Car Garage: You’re probably wondering why this is different. Well, a lot of homes in Long Island actually don’t have a 1-car garage. What they have is a garage that was built in a levit house that isn’t big enough to squeeze a car into. Or they might have a carport. Which isn’t really a garage at all. So if you want to up the ante and get a car in your garage, this garage door is the way to go.

2 – 4 Car Garages: Depending on how big the land you live on is, you can also consider a garage door that can expand anywhere from 2 to 4 cars wide. Having a 4 car garage would go a long way in enticing other folks with money to purchase your house for a much higher price.

Drive Thru Garages: This can hold any unspecific amount of cars, but the differentiating factor is that it would have a garage door in the front of the garage, and a garage door in the back of the garage, which would allow you to drive through it, almsot like a carport.


Boat Storage: Lastly, you can get a garage designed to hold your car like normal, but with a subsequent section of the garage having another door specifically meant to hold your boat in storage.

These are just some of the many things you can do if you’re looking for a new garage door installation for your home in Long Island, New York.

Fugghedabout Not Having An Automatic Opener in BK

Importance of Brooklyn Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers have various functions that you may not know. New Brooklyn garage door openers are crucial because they:

Have built-in safety features
New garage door openers in Brooklyn have photoelectric eyes. They’re usually mounted approximately six inches above the floor. The mounting position is strategic as they can cast an invisible beam across the door opening. At the same time, they offer extra protection against entrapment. For example, if the garage door is closing and a pet or child runs under the door, the beam is broken. When the beam breaks, the door automatically reverses to the other direction.

Work when there is a power outage
One of the attractive accessories sold with new garage doors in Brooklyn, NY is a battery backup system that allows the owner to use their opener several times. This is even after there has been a loss of power in their home. It’s a great feature that prevents the homeowner from being trapped even during a storm or in case of a black-out.

Today’s front door
A nationwide survey of people with garages showed that almost three-quarters of people in the United States used their garage door openers to access their homes on a daily basis. They said the openers were used more often than the main front entrance of their houses. Present day garage doors have been integrated with the main house door entrance. This means that the garage door openers can access the front door.

Fashion statement
Most people become style conscious when they are replacing their garage doors Brooklyn, as well as their garage door openers. The door openers can be designed to suit your key ring or other devices such as your mobile phone or other portable devices. This ensures you look fashionable even when you’re walking around with your garage door opener keypad.

A Look Into Trendy New Home Styles in Kings County

Kings County New Trends in Garage Doors

Any gaping hole that’s in front of your home offers a huge opportunity in the design. If you happen to live in Kings County, New York, then your local garage door dealer can be able to set you up with a new, stylish energy efficient garage door. The door should be able to flatter and accent the good looks of your home. Additionally, a distinctive new garage door installation in Kings County will ensure the house is different from the rest in the neighborhood that may be sporting the old humdrum door design.


In Kings County, carriage doors are the trending style when it comes to garage doors. They may not be very different from the older and simple doors. However, they fool the eyes of onlookers by echoing the charm, swing-outdoor style and the hinged of old-time carriage houses. New carriage garage door installation is available in real wood. You can leave them in their natural state or have them customized with the colors that will match your house. If you’re looking for low maintenance garage installation Kings County choices, opt for the vinyl-clad or steel carriage doors. They offer a high, low-maintenance and high-style choice.

Take note that Kings County garage door installation services are not limited to this style. You’ve a plethora of options to choose from. If you want to have some light let in, you can choose gorgeous glass windows that come in dozens of designer styles. The garage doors, windows of this kind can be tinted with the color you want if you need some privacy, or they can be left plain. Garage door installation services in Kings County offers a customized option for those who want to have a customized and unique garage door. With the right service, you’re guaranteed of the trendiest and most effective garage doors to suit your needs.

How The Weather Impacts Your Need For A Strong Door

Suffolk County Garage Doors – Storm Strength Doors

Your home will need to stand up to extreme winds despite your location in Suffolk County. Storm damage experts in the United States always say that your garage doors are your house’s first line of defense against extreme and / or high winds. For example, during Hurricanes, homes with an attached garage can be blown apart if they’ve weak or flimsy garage doors. This means that Suffolk County garage doors have to be storm resistant if the homeowner is to be safe during storms. Older versions of garage doors have a tendency to blast in first due to heavy pressure from the storm. As a result, pressure builds up in the home. The force can then blow the roof off causing damage to your home and destroying your investment or causing injuries.


The Solution
The good news is that since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, all major garage door manufacturers Suffolk County have been producing and designing garage doors that exceed or meet the most stringent building codes. With this in mind, there are Suffolk County garage doors that have been installed in a way that they can withstand hurricane-force winds of more than 100 mph or more.

Basically, they’re heavy-duty, new garage doors in Suffolk County designed for withstanding storms. The doors have fabulous hardware, finishes and styles with some matching the style and design of your home. New garage doors in Suffolk County, New York have been made in a way that makes it easy to makeover your house. The end result is a home that stands apart from all the houses in your residential area and more importantly, safe from storms. It’s considered as money that has been spent well. The main reason is that storm strengthened garage doors can pay for themselves by increasing the overall value of your home.

Top Reasons You Need Help Fixing Your Garage Today

Garage Door Repairs: Reasons To Call a Tech 

Garage doors are an important part of any home that has a garage, thus ensuring that it’s working properly is very crucial. A poorly functioning garage door isn’t only inconvenient but also poses a security risk.


There are several things you can do by yourself if your garage door isn’t working properly. You could check the metal tracks for damages or misalignment. If the alignment is a bit off or the track is bent, you could try to straighten it or loosen/tighten some bolts and screws.


Dirt and old hardened lubricant also cause garage door trouble thus cleaning the tracks could be the solution. Once cleaned, dry the tracks and apply fresh lubricant on it and on the rollers.

If these simple steps don’t fix the problem, call in the professionals. Some homeowners may want to carry out further repair work by themselves, but there are greater risks involved in such an undertaking by an inexperienced person.


Reasons To Not Fix Your Garage Door By Yourself

A common cause for a garage door not working is a broken torsion spring(s). Attempting to fix this problem is rather dangerous. The replacement spring must be installed and tightened just right. There are dangers of injury due to the spring snapping or not being able to handle the weight of the door itself while replacing the springs.

Aside from the risks, it may be difficult for the inexperienced home owner to get a replacement torsion spring(s) not to mention the longer time, you may need to put in due to lack of experience and proper tools.


Getting A Professional

An experienced professional will help you fix your garage door faster and better with less risk. Call some garage door repair companies and get estimates on how much it’ll cost you and note that most companies will charge you for providing estimates. A professional will come down to your house and diagnose the problem and if it’s small, he/she will fix it there and then. There are several companies that offer this service in long island and the wider New York area such as Above and Beyond garage doors, Precision Door Service and Long Island Garage Doors.

Newest Styles of Garages in 2015 in NYC

Garage Doors New York – Manhattan Trends

Garage door installation, especially for those who are building a new home or those that want to change their current garage door, is not an easy task. For garage doors to be installed, one has to consider the current trends in the market if they are to maintain a good looking and up to date garage. Manhattan garage door installation has a particular pattern that’s synonymous with the residents of the area. Tips on getting the best trends include:-

The grain
To get the most from garage doors that make the most of beauty and strength, it’s advisable to get the look of real wood and the resilience of steel. The majority of Manhattan garage doors available have a wood grain paint. The paint is available in a variety of tones.


Present day designs for homes have garages being wider and taller than their predecessors. This directly translates to larger garage doors. It will not matter whether you are building or remodeling. A prominent, large garage door stands as its own statement piece. Furthermore, it has the capability of accommodating you current camper, boat and obviously, vehicle. Overhead garage doors in Manhattan are gaining a lot of popularity. They can be created in any dimensions, as long as you choose the right garage door installation Manhattan service.

In 2015, there has been a lot of advances in technology affecting almost all the areas of our homes. As this is the case, garage doors are not left behind. Present day garage doors Manhattan have internet connections and can be wired to your mobile phone. This means that you can be able to have the door opened or closed whether you are in the vicinity or not. Such steps in the trends of garage doors have had many homeowners upgrading their garage doors in Manhattan, New York.

Advantages of Nassau Professional Door Installation

Advantages of Nassau County Garage Door Installation

Once you’ve decided to add your house’s value and beauty by buying a new garage door, the most important thing you should keep in mind is to have it installed by a professional. The main reason for using a professional and avoiding ‘DIY-ing’ is safety. For the majority of Nassau County residents, the garage door is the largest moving object in their homes.


Garage doors are extremely heavy and large. This means that apart from being incredibly difficult to lift, but improper installation may result with the door crashing down with unbelievable force. The springs that help the doors open are under a lot of pressure. They can easily severely injure or even kill a person. Specific training and tools are required when dealing with these springs. This can only be achieved by enlisting the services of a Nassau County garage door installation professional.


One of the advantages of using a professional is he / she may be a member of the IDA (International Dealer Association). It is the only national association devoted to the continuing education and professionalism of garage door dealers. IDA members have a higher likelihood of having more knowledge, more experience and are guided by a customer friendly ethics code.


Experience is another advantage of using a garage door installation profession in Nassau County. The experience can be determined using two methods. The first involves checking the number of years the company / individual has been in business. As a general rule, the more the years, the better the experience. Secondly, the company / individual should mention their expertise in your particular type of garage door on their website or company profile. This way, you will be sure you are dealing with someone who is properly trained to install your particular type of garage door. Professional garage door installation Nassau is the only way to ensure your garage door is installed properly.