genie garage opener repair in New-York

genie garage opener repair in New-York

Are you always troubled with the issue you face on your Genie garage opener? Good news, our genie garage opener repair in New York will be the ultimate solution to your broken garage door.  Schedule a repair online or contact 1-855-558-2746 to schedule today.

Through our ample experience in handling and dealing with Genie brand of garage door opener, you could always count on us. Especially if you need a repair service immediately, our team of technicians will be here ready to offer you the service to meet your guaranteed satisfaction. There is no need to get worried because you could count on us as the reliable and dependable company in the area. Even though it could be a good idea asking a neighbor or friend for their valuable suggestion before contacting one, there is no need doing it because we’re already here for you.

Garage Door Openers―The Valuable Parts of Garage Doors These Days

There is no need to contest the fact that garage door openers are the valuable parts of garage doors these days. These could also prove to be really a big relief in lifting heavy garage type of door with ease and convenience.

Famous brands of garage door openers like Genie Garage Door are handled and repaired by our team. Our technicians will first conduct a survey of the garage door and will implant the right opener to it. Nevertheless, it is essential that the drive and opener must be compatible to each other. We will also choose the right opener and the right drive for your door for its smooth working experience.

In this service of ours, expect that it is unmatched in the area. It will be a significant procedure that will help protect your garage door from wear and tear process and depreciation. Our team would also suggest regular maintenance that helps keep the garage door running over a long period of time. Included in this service of ours is the maintenance service at such a reasonable rate.

A Working Garage Door Can Be Yours

Due to the reason that Giant Garage Doors is after promising a working garage door opener, expect that a working garage door can be yours. You no longer will need to repair a garage door opener yourself as this is dangerous and is not advisable due to the spring tension. Our team of technicians is an expert in the repair of garage door openers, as mentioned. They can also be trusted in the repair of garage door opener safely and correctly.

Good news, you can change, cancel and book your garage door opener repair appointment with us over the phone at this number 1-855-558-2746 or any time online. In regard with the appointment update, it will be informed to you via mail, phone or text- whichever you most prefer.

Since we offer various payment solutions, highlighting our comprehensive protection plans for garage door opener, expect further that we are the best choice of company for the garage door opener repair service.

Genie Garage Opener Repair in New York―Adding Value to Your Old Garage Door and Home

genie garage opener repair in New-York

genie garage opener repair in New-York

After the repair has been carried out by the Giant Garage Doors, a new garage door may now be suggested to replace the old or broken door. This is specifically advised to those clients whose garage door openers are in bad condition.

In connection with this, our company offers only the most trusted and the best garage door openers on the market that can bring you peace of mind. Since we are proudly serving New York with garage door opener repair, we have been trusted as the leader in customer service and in excellence.

Our Genie Garage Opener Repair in New York will be adding value to your old garage door and home. Giant Garage Doors has been trusted in the community for several years in providing clients only with the best garage door opener repair service in New York. That is the main reason why we also continue our service for it benefits the majority of clients. By getting a free estimate for a Genie garage opener repair today, you cannot help it but be amazed of us meeting your needs.

As mentioned for several times, our company and our team know what it really takes to offer quality work to customers. Whether you are in dire need of repair of an existing one, we will be ready to provide the best solution for you twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. In your goal to keep it running smoothly all year long or at any time of the day, rest assured that our repair service promises you this.

Among those suggestions that we provide to our clients include not entrusting the repair service to anyone. Since this could mean a struggle for your part engaging in a tough decision on the best opener to choose, just let us help you today.

If ever your Genie garage opener cannot wait, we will be here twenty-four hours in a week for your convenience. Our team will be here to support you especially when it comes to choosing Genie garage opener. Giant Garage Doors has it all.

Our staff members and expert technicians will also see to it that the steps are followed in regard with the opener repair. They are also gentlemen and kind enough in walking you through the unlock procedure. Even the most fantastic job could be carried out through the presence of polite and nice staffs.

Overall, you will be pleased by the work done by our team members. You cannot help but be pleased by the repair that is in accordance with the industry standards. Call us now at 1-855-558-2746 and get professional help for us to assess the problem right away.

For the safety and professionalism imbibed in handling Genie garage opener, there is no other company to trust with other than Garage Door Giants! 

Garage Door Service in Queens NY

garage door service in Queens NY

garage door service in Queens NY

If you are looking for high quality garage door service in Queens NY, you have come to the right page. For your peace of mind, entrust your property and its service to Giant Garage Doors Inc. Call us now at 1-855-558-2746. We are among the leading garage door services in Queens, NY.

There are numerous reasons for having a garage door opener that is remote-controlled and is in good working condition. Not only that it’s a great convenience, but it’s a safety device which makes entry to your business or home secure and seamless. We at Giant Garage Doors Inc. are here to render the highest quality garage door service and repair, with the use of state of the art equipment at a price that you can surely afford. Furthermore, we are here to give the service that you need efficiently and promptly. Rest assured that our team of professionals will give the best value for your hard earned money through the help of our team of experienced professionals.

The convenient location of our office provides us easy and instant accessibility to the greater Queens area. With our widespread reputation for dependability and honesty, we’ve thousands of satisfied and happy customers who happily recommend our services to everyone. Recognized for our outstanding personal service, we are encouraging you to get in touch with our operations manager. Please call us at 1-855-558-2746 for more information.

A Trusted Garage Door Service Provider in Queens, NY

Giant Garage Doors Inc. is an entirely insured business that is dedicated to giving same day service to our customers. Our repair and installation services are rendered by our team of highly experienced and trained technicians. Give our staff a call now for our promising values as well as our affordable rates.

We provide different special service and garage door repair packages here in Queens, intended mainly for both residential and commercial customers. Some of our very own packages comprise of senior discounts also. So what are you still waiting for? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today for garage door service needs you might have.

It cannot be denied that garage doors are known to be the most crucial element of your home or business. Every garage door unit is extremely delicate and sophisticated and is in need of care and maintenance that should be provided on a regular basis. Yet most of the time you are busy that you overlook the maintenance of your garage door and it ends up in getting caught up with a malfunctioned or damaged garage door.

That is where our team can help a lot. Do not hesitate to give us a call now to get your problem solved and have peace of mind. Whether you need garage door installation for a new garage door to be installed on your home or replacement or repair for broken garage door, rest assured that we are the right people for the job. Our garage door installers will come to your office or home. Our service is available for all people in NY Metro area, Brooklyn NY and Long Island.

Outstanding Same Day Service

Emergency Garage Door Service

Garage door issues can happen even in the middle of the night. So, Giant Garage Doors Inc. is always available, day and night, in order to provide emergency support service when needed. Our telephone is always open for emergency calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Please give us a call right now if your garage door is need of repair and our team will come to help you with your problem. If you’re looking for a reputable garage door repairing company, you have come to the right place.

15-Minutes Response Time

We never let our clients wait for a long time for our team to come. Thus, we ensure that we will be on our way and reach your exact destination within 15 minutes. On the other hand, we may take additional time for travel in case of any valid reasons. When we get a call from you, we make sure to teach them in an hour maximum. It is among the biggest priorities and we will ensure that the customer doesn’t wait for more than one hour when needed.

Open on Weekends

Weekends are major rush for any form of repairing services. Thus, we’re always open during weekends, so our clients could get us anytime they like. Now, you could be free from leaving the office for vacation, just get your damaged garage door repaired. We would reach you at any time you want.

Lowest Prices Guaranteed

Our garage door repair and installation services are associated with the cheapest prices within the market. You could compare our cost chart with some other garage door company and you would then realize that we’re right. Please get in touch with us now and have one of our professional team members provide a free estimate so that you could see for yourself.

Why Choose Giant Garage Doors Inc.?

garage door service in Queens NY

garage door service in Queens NY

There are many reasons for you why you should choose us over our competitors. First of all, we installed guaranteed new garage door with unlimited styles at good prices. Please feel free to ask about upgrading your home’s curb look today. We also offer a lifetime guarantee for most new parts. Ask our representatives for some important details.

It offers same day service. We are always available to service your garage door requires the same day you called us. We are also offering fresh specials to save you cash on premium garage doors. We service and also repair all brands of openers and doors. We are committed to providing satisfying services to our clients. We never get tired of ensuring that our clients are happy and satisfied with our services.

If you have any questions about our company, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us now at 1-855-558-2746 and let our friendly customer representatives assist you right away and get high quality garage door services and repair.

Garage Repair Cost

garage repair cost

garage repair cost

While DIY maintenance is enough for minimal problems in your garage door, the support of a reliable garage door repair company becomes vital once the issue becomes too complex for you to deal with. Giant Garage Doors is dedicated to providing our clients with excellent garage door repair services at a competitive cost. Our experienced technicians will fix your garage door fast. If you are worried about the garage repair cost, don’t be because we provide our service at reasonable rates. We also offer brand name products from the largest garage door manufacturers. Our garage door repair technicians can fix door openers, cables, springs, door panels and tracks.

Remember that garage doors are one of the main entryways into your property, so it’s important that they are in good working condition. If your current garage door is not working properly, you should get a professional to check it and fix it immediately. In case the damage is too great and your garage door can no longer be fixed, don’t worry because we can install a new one for you. For your garage door repair needs, just call us at 1-855-558-2746 and expect one of your representatives to entertain you right away!

How Much Does a Common Garage Repair Cost?

You may be tempted to fix your garage door on your own to save money, but it is not exactly the best idea if you don’t have any idea about what to do or you don’t have the right tools for the job. Arranging routine inspections with a garage door specialist can help you see if your garage door is damaged or there are some parts that need to be replaced.

A usual service call usually includes an inspection of the opener and the door. Adjustments on the chain and belt tension, spring tension, force and limits can then be made. The door may be lubricated as well.  Garage repair cost differs depending on the extent of damage and other factors. Regardless of the damage to your door, you are assured that our technicians will come and fix it right away for you!

Door won’t move

Your garage door may not close or open due to various reasons. If your garage door has sensors, any obstruction could prevent the door from operating properly. You need to check the door and ensure that there’s nothing obstructing the sensors. If there’s no obstruction, it’s possible that the problem is with the garage door opener. If you can see a light on the opener, just press the button and wait if the light brightens. If it doesn’t, the battery inside the door opener may need to be replaced.

A door that won’t move may also be caused by a wheel track obstruction. Check the tracks for possible damage such as bends. If the door is hanging haphazardly or the tracks are damaged, you should call us to fix it for you.

Noisy garage door

When your garage door makes grinding, squealing or screeching sounds, it’s usually a sign of an accumulation of debris or dirt in the tracks or lack of lubricant. Cleaning the tracks and coating it with lubricant can help. If your garage door still makes loud sounds when you use it, you can call us to fix it right away.

Uneven garage door movement

garage repair cost

garage repair cost

Various reasons can cause the uneven movement of your garage door. If there’s no obstruction, it might be caused by an issue with the spring mechanism. Since there is a lot of tension on the torsion springs, it is best to call us to fix the problem. If the door tracks are warped or bent, the door may not move or move unevenly. The degree of damage will determine whether the door needs to be replaced or not.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, just call us at 1-855-558-2746 and we will give you an estimate of the repair cost.

Garage Repair Cost by Material

The type of material may affect the garage door repair cost. Using the right material for the climate of the area where you are residing can help you reduce your repair costs. Wood garage doors are durable. If you’re living a humid climate, the door will be prone to splitting and rotting. The cost of fixing wood garage doors depends on the type of wood used.

Aluminum doors are resistant to rust and ideal in coastal and humid areas. Steel doors are great for those living in typhoon or hurricane prone areas. Such doors, however, are prone to rust damage. Fiberglass doors are ideal for areas that experience extreme temperatures. These doors can withstand extreme cold or heat and are unaffected by splitting. Regardless of the material your garage door is made of, you are assured that the technicians here at Giant Garage Doors can fix it at a price you can afford.

Will the Style of Your Door Affect the Repair Costs?

Garage doors are available in various styles and the style of your door affects the repair cost. Sectional doors are the most common style. These doors don’t take up a lot space and can be controlled using a standard remote opener for a reasonable cost. Traditional one panel doors have one huge panel that tilts to open. These doors, however, need a huge amount of clearance to work properly.

Carriage doors have a rustic look. These doors swing open and hang from supports on hinges. Carriage doors also require plenty of clearance to operate properly. If you have a custom roll-up garage door and it needs to be fixed, don’t hesitate to call us. Trust our garage door repair technicians to fix any kind of door without affecting your schedule. Expect them to finish the job fast! Regardless of the style of your garage door, you can expect us to restore your garage door to its original state.

Why Choose Giant Garage Doors?

You need to keep your garage door in good working condition for your convenience, safety and security. If your door doesn’t budge at all, makes loud noises or moves unevenly, all you need to do is to call Giant Garage Doors and we will come to you right away. Expect to get the following from us:

  • Team of certified and highly experienced garage door technicians
  • High quality garage door repair service and parts
  • Low prices

We offer quick and reliable garage door repair services in Staten Island, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens as well as Orange County, Westchester, Nassau County, Rockland County and Suffolk County. For your garage door repair needs, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-855-558-2746! We are always happy to help.


Garage Door Spring in Queens NY-The Ultimate Key to Functional Garage Doors

garage door spring in Queens NY

garage door spring in Queens NY

Garage doors play vital role in ensuring the security of your property as well as you and your family’s ultimate protection. Without reliable and functional garage doors, you can never have peace of mind knowing that your property and your valuable assets might be at risk. If your garage door springs are damaged or broken, contact Giant Garage Doors Inc. at (1-855-558-2746). The company employs the professionals that can get your Garage Door Spring in Queens NY back on track again.

Unfortunately just like other parts, the door also poses some issues over time. It can really be frustrating when your garage door is not functioning right. Broken garage door springs is one common problems faced by homeowners. The day to day use of garage doors can lead to broken and damage garage door springs.

You might also notice sticky doors moving side to side or moving unevenly when the garage door springs are broken. These springs need to be of the same stretch and length to be able to give good and continued service. While some issues can be resolved personally, it would be best to seek the assistance of experts for proper broken garage door spring repair, replacement or installation services just to get your garage doors back in shape and function just as good as your new garage door way back then.

The Significance of Maintaining, Replacing and Repairing your Garage Door Spring in Queens NY

In an average, garage doors are being opened and closed for about a thousand times per year. If you set aside regular maintenance, rollers will turn out to be frozen which might necessitate track replacement. Opener mechanism might also fail making the doors of your garage difficult to close and open. In worst case scenario, the springs can become lose or unbalanced resulting to doors which falls abruptly. Problematic springs can even pave way for possible damage to properties and injuries to people if these problems are left unresolved.

If you want to save yourself and your family from the stress and hassle of dealing with frustrating garage door problems in the future, you need to realize now the significance of repairing, replacing and maintaining your Garage Door Spring in Queens NY.

Ensure your family’s safety and protection and at the same time protect the integrity of your door, contact the company at once just in case you will need assistance with all your garage door springs repair, replacement, installation and maintenance needs. The company also has the best garage door installers ready to serve you anytime you request for garage door installation.

Giant Garage Doors Inc. –Committed to Serving Queens and Surrounding Areas

Any problem relating to garage door springs is best handled by the professionals. The torsion springs are risky and these require the attention and expertise of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Giant Garage Doors is recognized as the leader for garage door installation, replacement, repairs and other related services. The company has the knowledge, experience and skills to address any garage door issue. Give Giant Garage Doors Inc. a call at (1-855-558-2746) and ask about the services they offer, cost and warranties.

Services Offered

garage door spring in Queens NY

garage door spring in Queens NY

This company, specializing in Garage Door Spring in Queens NY provides new springs for new garage door and spring repairs to garage doors of all types. The company also offers part installation and same day service for garage door springs in Queens. The company’s warehouse is completely stocked with doors and essential garage door parts. The company is fully licensed and locally based so clients can access their services easily.

If you have garage door opener problems or broken springs, the company has a team consisting of professional garage door installers and technicians who are trained, certified, uniformed, precise and capable of fixing all issues of garage doors. When it comes to having your garage doors and its parts repaired, installed or replaced, this garage door company is an excellent choice.

Giant Garage Doors also offers the following services:

  • Garage spring repairs
  • Garage door installation services
  • Garage door opener repair or replacement
  • Automatic door opener replacement or repair
  • Broken door openers
  • Garage doors adjustments
  • Custom garage door services
  • New garage door replacements
  • Hinges and brackets repairs
  • Springs and cables repairs and replacements

The company also specializes in pulleys and rollers, locks, remote transmitters, keyless entry system check and installation, switch entry, motion detectors and more. The company commonly provides same day service. No project is big or small. They will work on your garage doors and give you the assurance that the job will be completely done with efficiency, professionalism and of course with guaranteed positive results. They will replace, repair or install regardless of parts, weight, size and

Why Choose Giant Garage Doors

There are many good reasons to choose the company to work on your Garage Door Spring in Queens NY. These include:

  • Services are reasonably priced
  • Technicians and installers are available round the clock to meet your emergency needs
  • Projects are carried out only by the experts in this field
  • Works are completed within ideal timeframe
  • Affordable and quick service
  • Honest pricing and dedicate staff

These are actually just few of the numerous reasons to choose the company and use their services. Working with this company to resolve the issues of your garage door springs or garage doors in general is a smart option to take.

Keep your garage door springs in good shape. Repairs of Garage door springs in Queens NY are crucial steps to ensure that your garage door is running safely and reliably. Though the garage door’s individual cables, tracks and panels also need periodic attention, the springs are the keys to save you hassle and money in the long run.

If the need arise, never hesitate to contact Giant Garage Doors Inc. at (1-855-558-2746). This is one of the leading garage door companies you can depend on if you want to achieve completely functional garage door system.