Find A Legitimate Home Contractor in Rockland County NY

Living in Rockland County, there are a ton of options and a ton of companies who offer services to fix your home. Whether it be a roofing job, or fixing a garage door… There’s a ton of services. Some of them are high quality, others, not so much. But we’re going to walk you through how you can start finding legitimate businesses if you live in this village, or any surrounding cities such as Westchester, Nyack, Haverstraw, Clarkstown, or near the Tappan Zee bridge. Let’s use home garage repair in Rockland County as an example.

How to find a garage repair company in Rockland County

First, we would recommend going to this site:

They basically conduct a census on a very frequent basis, collecting data on which companies in this city, and in New York State are still operating. They pretty much look at all garage repair companies on the north west side of the Hudson River. They have a column to show you the percent of the companies that are active or inactive, however, you’ll see that the overwhelming majority are active.

So I think they should edit our that information. But the data population is filled with a ton of legitimate companies that are most likely certified by the better business bureau. These are all American companies that operate in a town nearby to you, and make income in the same counties to which you are paying taxes.

The history of these companies definitely does vary, but statistically, it is likely the NY based businesses they recommend on this site are very legitimate. There is a slew of housing improvement statistics they have retrieved with the tabled info they display here. If at any point you live in this area, near Rockland County village, I would highly recommend you check out this website before paying some random company to repair your garage door in any capacity. Whether it be a simple screw replacement, or a full garage door installation. Definitely give some companies on this list a call.

Protect Your Garage Against Weather Issues in Queens This Year

There was a good article we came across about protecting your garage this summer and fall from Hurricanes. Now, we don’t get too many natural disasters here in New York, but we figured if you are in Queens County, or any surrounding areas such as Forest Hills, Jackson Heights, Long Island City, Astoria, etc…, you might find this article particularly helpful.

Making Your Queens Garage Door Hurricane Proof

As heavy as garage doors are, they are not immune to getting damaged by high velocity winds during a severe storm. This fact doesn’t change in Queens, New York. So what we are going to do is go over to a local Home Depot. You can find one on Woodhaven Boulevard, in Queens, or in East Elmhurt, NY. Buy a metal reinforcement kit and attach it to the concrete slab and frame above your garage door. Support this with two points of support, or just simply create 2x4s.


To make your own reinforcements, screw in a 2×4 to the concrete floor inside the door in the garage. To do this, you can use something like concrete screws and a screw driver and drill it right into the ground. We are then going to attach two 2×4’s together, and in a T-shape extend the other 2×4 that faces the garage. Attach this to the floor brace as well. You can now pull out some door bolts and attach the support brackets above the frame of the door, to the top of the door.

Lastly, you’re going to want to remove the wires from the automatic garage door opener if you have one installed. You’re not going to want the garage to accidentally try and open while you have wooden 2×4’s ensuring it won’t move. Hopefully this helps!

DIY Garage Door Repair on Long Island

The WashingtonPost came out with an article that had some good tips on repairing an old garage door yourself. If you live on Long Island NY and have doors that need repair, then I would first suggest you find a good company who’s business is to service garage doors. They must be a company that is on call 24/7 and has a variety of services such as automatic opener repairs, spring replacement to help the openers, and commercial door installation. You can find companies like these by placing a call and seeing what they offer or by going to somewhere such as Yelp and looing for people who review the company.

Long Island Garage Door Repair

However, if you’re in a residential area in Nassau or Suffolk, such as Huntington New York, and one day you notice you have a small issue with your garage door such as an issue with the motor, or a small part or parts, maybe you don’t want to hire a technician to replace or install these parts for you. This is when I would suggest you do it yourself, using the tips below…

1) Make sure you know exactly which part of the garage door you need to fix. If it’s an issue with the garage door springs, make sure you know which kind of spring it is. There’s torsion springs, EZ-set torsion springs, torquemaster springs, extension springs, one piece, sectional, etc.

2) Make sure you are recording what you are doing. You don’t want to make the issue worse by doing something you might not be familiar with doing. So make sure you make a detailed set of steps you did to try and fix the issue so that if you do need to call a Long Island NY garage door repair company then you won’t be charged as much if you know exactly what the issue is.


People who live in Long Island New York generally have very nice garage doors. The taxes in Nassau County are about the highest in the country and a big part of this is due to the home values. And part of having a nice home is having a nice garage door. People in NY definitely have these. Whether you’re in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens, Brooklyn.. Anywhere on Long Island New York.. You probably have a garage door worth keeping in good shape. So if you have the money it might be worth it to trade your money for some extra time so you can be 100% sure your garage door is always safe, and you can make sure another garage door service company handles that. Good luck with your door!